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In our own words,

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) are toxic stress inducing experiences and events that can negatively influence how the child EVOLVES mentally, physically, spiritually, and financially.

About ACES

And How They Effect Us Throughout Our Lives?

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ACES stands for "Adverse Childhood Experiences," These are traumatic experiences such as: Neglect, Household Violence, Substance Abuse, Racism, Bullying and/or Caregiver Mental Illness that occurs before the age of 18.

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The more ACEs a child experiences, the more likely they are to have: COPD, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Poor Academic and Work Performance, an Increased Risk of Suicide, Significantly Reduced Longevity, and Substance Abuse.

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Without a support system, survivors will experience chronic stress which leads to weakening of our immune systems and the potential of an autoimmune disease, attention deficiencies, low self-worth and low self-esteem.


3 Step-1

Let someone you trust know you are taking the quiz, like a family doctor, therapist, or a friend that listens well.

Answer the questions, and make a note of the total “yes” responses -

that will be your score.

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Next Options:

  • Repeat step 1.
  • Hire a trauma-informed specialist.
  • Hire ACEs Matter to start the conversation for you.
  • Join our First Tuesday of the month movie and wellness community.


ACE Survey


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Prevent future ACEs by knowing your own score!

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